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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pictures from July 22 POOL PARTY

Special thanks to Sarah Shepherd for opening her home and pool to us!

To my faithful Covenant family

It's been nearly seven years since I first stepped into our gorgeous blue stained-glass surrounded sanctuary. Nearly seven years since I first heard Ken give one of his consistently profound and thought-provoking sermons. Nearly seven years since I first laid eyes on Martie Williams' infamous cross which adorns the sanctuary chancel. Nearly seven years since I was "adopted" as one of Hazel's gazillion grandchildren. Nearly seven years since I was genuinely welcomed and accepted for who I am, sins, weaknesses, flaws and all, into this wonderful, faithful family.

Since then my life has taken many twists and turns, all of which have shaped and molded me as if I were a jar of clay. I've made mistakes, and you were there to pick me up. I've dreamed big, and you were there to encourage my optimism. I've sought to be a disciple of Christ, and you were there to nurture and give me spiritual fruit. As I delivered my first sermon a couple years ago, you were there smiling back at me, suffering through it with me. On May 31, 2003 you were there to watch as Amanda and I brought our relationship and our lives together before God in marriage. Twelve months later, you celebrated and encouraged me as I nervously accepted the call to lead our youth ministry on a volunteer basis. On May 8, 2005 you were there to see Drew, our firstborn baptized six weeks after his birth. And then, much to my surprise our session approved changing my call to paid staff beginning January 2006. Later that year, you supported and encouraged me yet again when I accepted my campus ministry call at KSU. So for me, it goes without saying that Covenant Presbyterian is a special place. The doors of opportunity continue to open and God continues to lead me down a mysterious and wonderful path. My life is truly blessed and I have God and my Covenant Presbyterian family to thank for it.

But God has placed a new call in my heart. After several weeks of thoughtful prayer and consideration, and weighing the priorities of call and family, I have made a difficult decision. It is with deep sadness that I dolefully submit to you this letter, which shall serve as my official resignation as Director of Youth Ministries at Covenant Presbyterian Church effective August 15, 2007.

It is because of these relationships formed, especially relationships with our youth who have challenged, inspired, and discipled me along the way, this spiritual journey I have traveled, and the many wonderful memories that I will forever cherish that this was such a difficult decision for me and my growing family. But I look to the future with awe and wonder at the mystery of God's plan for me knowing that this decision allows me to remain faithful to my first priority, my family. It will also allow me to focus more of my time and energy on our growing campus ministry at KSU.

I pray for your blessing and continued prayers and support. I love you.

Dan Boles

Monday, July 30, 2007

Pictures from Treaty As Allies Concert!

June 21, 2007
Covenant Presbyterian Church

featuring: The Cheribum Seat and Treaty As Allies

Pictures from Montreat Youth Conference

Montreat Youth Conference
Montreat, North Carolina
June 10-16, 2007

Pictures from 2006-2007 End of the Year Party

Special thanks to Pat & Deb Burgess for opening their home to all our youth and youth ministry leaders!

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